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NYC federal jury says cabbies entitled to back pay over former TLC suspension policy
New York Daily News | November, 2023
Press Conference
New York Taxi Workers Alliance Livestream

Cleaning Co. Agrees To Pay $30M In 15-Year-Old Wage Dispute
Law360 | November, 2023

Private Fleet Drivers’ Court Access Grabs Justices’ Attention
Bloomberg Law | October, 2023

National Labor Union Files Federal Lawsuit Alleging Debt Limit Statute is Unconstitutional
Complaint | May, 2023

S.F. Marriott Hotel illegally kept $9 million in workers’ tips, judge says
San Francisco Chronicle | May, 2023

First on CNN: A new group of Twitter vendors is suing the company for alleged unpaid bills
CNN | April, 2023

Massachusetts reaches $40M settlement with minority police officers over civil-service suit
Boston Herald | April, 2023

Grubhub and Lyft workers win separate court cases on employee status
San Francisco Chronicle | March, 2023

Elon Musk faces upward of $130 million in legal costs to fight laid-off Twitter workers over severance pay
Insider | February, 2023

Twitter hit by legal complaints from 100 former employees following Musk’s layoffs
CNN | December, 2022

Twitter’s Elon Musk is warned to prepare for ‘hundreds or even thousands’ of arbitration cases
LA Times | December, 2022

Female Twitter staff had ‘targets on their backs’ in Elon Musk’s layoffs, a lawsuit claimed
Insider | December, 2022

Disabled Twitter employees forced to resign over Musk’s ‘hardcore’ demands, discrimination lawsuit says
Fortune | November, 2022

Twitter Sued by Fired Contractor for Failing to Give Notice
Bloomberg | November, 2022

Twitter offering some laid-off staff only half what they’re owed, lawsuit says
Ars Technica | November, 2022

Tesla must tell laid off workers about lawsuit, judge rules
Reuters | September, 2022

Trailblazing Women in Labor Law – Shannon Liss-Riordan
Law360 | March, 2022

Troopers sue Mass. State Police for alleged discrimination against new parents
Boston Globe | March, 2022

Making ‘Dinobabies’ Extinct: IBM’s Push for a Younger Work Force
New York Times | February, 2022

Older workers press age discrimination claims in challenge to IBM layoffs
Boston Globe | January, 2022

S.F. Hilton may have to pay hotel workers for missed tips
San Francisco Chronicle | January, 2022

University of Iowa hospital workers ask judge to end wage dispute case and rule in their favor
The Gazette | August, 2021

The debate over whether gig workers should be classified as employees is about the future of work in America
Boston Globe | August, 2021

A New Suit Seeks to Turn Arbitrations, a Tool of Big Corporations, Against a Top Customer Service Provider
ProPublica | August, 2021

Age discrimination? IBM faces allegations it fires older workers, replaces them with young hires
Just the News | April, 2021
Full Measure Report on IBM Age Discrimination
(video) | April, 2021

The New ABCs of California Labor Law
California Labor & Employment Law Review | May, 2021

Two Black former Worcester police officers win another legal battle in decades-old discrimination case that could cost city millions
Telegram & Gazette | January, 2021

California high court: ‘ABC test’ for gig workers is retroactive, in blow to Uber, Lyft
San Francisco Chronicle | January, 2021

Lawyer representing laid-off IBMers hails Fed’s discrimination ruling — former employees can still join a lawsuit
WRAL Tech Wire | September, 2020

In Battle Over Gig Economy Employee Status, Certification Wrongly Withheld From Class of Delivery Drivers
New Jersey Law Journal | September, 2020

Amazon Delivery Workers’ Arbitration Agreements Are Invalid, Ninth Circuit Rules
The Recorder | August, 2020

4 Takeaways From Uber, Lyft’s Worker Classification Loss
Law360 | August, 2020

Whole Foods Punished Workers for Black Lives Matter Masks, Suit Says
New York Times | July, 2020

1st Circ. Says Amazon Delivery Drivers Don’t Have To Arbitrate
Law360 | July, 2020

Massachusetts sues Uber, Lyft over alleged worker misclassification
NBC News | July, 2020

Former exotic dancers sue Club Omaha, claiming they should be classified as employees
Omaha World-Herald | June, 2020

Boston Police Officers Win Back Pay In Biased Test Case
Law360 | May, 2020

Protecting Gig Workers
Live stream with U.S. Senator Ed Markey and Shannon Liss-Riordan

Facebook | March, 2020

Coronavirus bill includes sick leave, but not for gig workers
The Boston Globe | March, 2020

Rideshare drivers sue Uber, Lyft to classify them as employees, citing coronavirus
The Hill | March, 2020

Calif. Supreme Court allows food servers to proceed with suit over ‘service charges’
San Francisco Chronicle | January, 2020

SJC revives 25-year-old discrimination lawsuit by Worcester police officers | November, 2019

Driver Asks Court To Block Uber ‘Contractor’ Classification
Law360 | September, 2019

Lawsuit challenges stringent background checks for day care | August, 2019

It’s not just the gig economy that could end employment as we know it. It’s all companies.
NBC News | May, 2019

9th Circuit: ‘Dynamex’ Worker Classification Test Applies Retroactively
The Recorder | May, 2019

Amazon Delivery Drivers Win Transpo Worker Exempt Status
Law360 | April, 2019

Older workers are America’s fastest-growing labor pool — and the least protected from workplace discrimination
CNBC | April, 2019

Andover could owe “millions” to retired employees
Eagle Tribune | April, 2019

Uber to pay $20 million to some Calif., Mass. drivers in gig-work case
SF Chronicle | March, 2019

Franchisees Win Major Victory On Appeal Against 7-Eleven
Forbes | March, 2019

Amazon, Drivers Duel Over Arbitrability Of FLSA Action
Law360 | March, 2019

Justices Deliver Win to Trucker in Arbitration Fight
Bloomberg | January, 2019

Ill. Wage Law Not Supplanted By Federal Law, 3rd Circ. Says
Law360 | October, 2018

Strippers Want Out of Class Settlement With Clubs
Courthouse News | October, 2018

Mich. Cable Installers Are Employees Under FLSA, Judge Says
Law360 | September, 2018

A badge of honor: Wall Street Journal urges Senate to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to stop lawyers like Shannon Liss-Riordan from protecting workers rights
Wall Street Journal | September, 2018

The Lawyer Who Took On Uber Is Suing IBM for Age Discrimination
Bloomberg | September, 2018

Dancers Are Employees Under Dynamex, Calif. Judge Rules
Law360 | August, 2018

Lyft, Postmates face new lawsuits challenging contractor model
Reuters | May, 2018

California Ruling a ‘Seismic Shift’ for Gig Economy Workers
Associated Press | May, 2018

Harvard Settles Lawsuit, Will Change Labor Policy
The Harvard Crimson | March, 2018

GrubHub Wage Case May See New Delivery Worker Status Test Redo
Bloomberg | January, 2018

U.S. Labor Board Complaint Says On-Demand Cleaners Are Employees
Bloomberg | August, 2017

Labor Lawsuit Against GrubHub May Be A Stumbling Block for the Gig Economy
Fortune | August, 2017

Boston police lieutenant exam discriminated against minorities, judge says
The Boston Globe | July, 2017

GrubHub Faces Trial On Employee-Contractor Issue
The Recorder | June, 2017

SJC: Jury must hear officer’s handicap discrimination claim
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly | April, 2017

Amazon Delivery Drivers Sue Company Over Job Status
The Seattle Times | October, 2016

Boston-based Attorney Argues Uber’s Star Ratings are Racially Biased
Boston Globe | October, 2016

Shannon Liss-Riordan is named to Politico’s guide to the “Top 50 thinkers, doers and visionaries transforming American politics in 2016” “for questioning who the sharing economy is taking for a ride”.
Politico Magazine | September, 2016

Boston Police Department Ranks May Have Diversified, But Promotion Eludes Many Cops Of Color
WGBH News | July, 2016

Uber’s Worst Nightmare
San Francisco Magazine | May, 2016

Litigator of the Week: Shannon Liss-Riordan of Lichten & Liss-Riordan
The American Lawyer | April, 2016

Following $100 Million Settlement, Tipping Uber Drivers is Now on the Menu
Newsweek | April, 2016

Uber Agrees to Pay $100 Million to Drivers in Historic Class Action Settlement
Mother Jones | April, 2016

Massage Therapist Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Harvard
The Harvard Crimson | January, 2016

Meet the attorney suing Uber, Lyft, GrubHub and a dozen California tech firms
LA Times | January, 2016

7th Circ. Upholds Ill. Labor Law In Delivery Co. Dispute
Law360 | January, 2016

Lawyers of the Year
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly | January, 2016

We’re About to Witness the Class-Action Trial Against Uber’s Business Model
Money Morning | January, 2016

Meet “Sledgehammer Shannon,” the Lawyer Who Is Uber’s Worst Nightmare
Mother Jones | December, 2015

Year in Preview: What the Uber Lawsuit Means for Workers in the Sharing Economy
SF Weekly | December, 2015

The lawyer looking to kill the ‘gig economy’
MarketWatch | December, 2015

Judge rules Boston police exam discriminated against minorities
The Boston Globe | November, 2015

Meet the Boston Lawyer Who’s Putting Uber on Trial
The Wall Street Journal | November, 2015

Google Express sued over employee-contracted distinction
The Boston Globe | November, 2015

More food delivery startups are sued for classifying drivers as contractors
Fortune | September, 2015

‘Sledgehammer Shannon:’ The attorney taking on Uber and others in the sharing economy
The Business Journals | September, 2015

Suing the sharing economy: Q&A with Shannon Liss-Riordan
The Boston Globe | September, 2015

What Strippers Can Teach Uber
Medium | April, 2015